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Gold Thread Mechanism

Gold Thread™ is a special medical device manufactured with full compliance with relevant regulations of Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) of USA (21 CFR 820 & 21 CFR 812). Clinical observation revealed that implantation of Gold Thread™ will stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other skin matrices which will ultimately cover the net formed with Gold Thread™ Such increment of skin matrices will firm up the implanted body part, contributing to a much younger and rejuvenating outlook. Gold Thread™ will also stimulate angiogenesis beneath the skin, which contributed to increase supply of blood and nutrients to the implanted body part. Natural antiseptic properties of gold will also reduce inflammation of these areas.

The abovementioned biochemical reactions will begin immediately after Gold Thread™ implantation. From our clinical observation, we noticed that skin complexion improved 2 weeks after implantation of Gold Thread™, skin inflammatory syndromes reduced as much as 25-40% 1 month after implantation and facial wrinkles lighten 3 months after implantation. The best results were achieved 6-12 months post implantation. The following are improvements after Gold Thread™ implantation.

Depending on individual's immunity, the implanted Gold Thread™ will remain in the body of the patient, exerting its efficacious biochemical effects for 8-12 years (smoking, drinking and other unhealthy living habits will shorten the period of efficacies of Gold Thread™). Repetition of Gold Thread™ implantation every 5-8 years will have boosting effects on skin rejuvenations.

Our technology

Our technique

Gold Thread introduces Au(rum) , an exclusive cream for those who desire beautiful and younger looking skin. Au(rum) is designed for women and men of all ages, and it is suitable for all skin types. Please contact us for more information about 24K Gold Au(rum) cream.