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About us

Gold Thread Company was organized in the United States in order to present the already known in Europe technology at the US market. Since the foundation we have been able to recruit talented professionals and researchers working around the world. Thanks to the collective efforts, the company has become a world leader in cosmetic medicine using gold.

We cooperate with clinics located in different countries.

Here are some examples of our cooperation:


Золотая нить в Китае Золотая нить в Китае Золотая нить в Китае


Золотая нить в Малайзии Золотая нить в Малайзии


Золотая нить в Сингапуре Золотая нить в Сингапуре


Золотая нить в России

International Inquiries

Gold Thread LLC

Princeton, New Jersey
Phone: +13475535180

(no surgeries performed in USA)

Gold Thread introduces Au(rum) , an exclusive cream for those who desire beautiful and younger looking skin. Au(rum) is designed for women and men of all ages, and it is suitable for all skin types. Please contact us for more information about 24K Gold Au(rum) cream.