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Gold Thread Technique

Gold Thread™ Implantation is an improved version of European's Gold Filaments/Thread technique, with much lesser invasiveness and higher efficacies. Currently, the latest Gold Thread™ Implantation developed by Dr. Pawel Koziczynsky in year 2000, is performed with gold thread and needle 10 times smaller than those used in European technique, gives rise to an ultra minimal invasive procedure which is painless, no bleeding, no scars and does not require any kind of anesthesia, with the ability to rejuvenate your skin as much as 5-8 years, at the duration of 8-15 years! Patient can resume normal lifestyle immediately after Gold Thread™ Implantation procedure.

Gold Thread™ Implantation will rejuvenate you with gold thread which is made of 99.99% pure gold at the diameter of 0.1mm, specifically manufactured for implantation purposes with full compliances to the FDA specifications.

Technique Summary

Standard skin preparation, draping, and sterile technique should be followed to avoid infection. Planning for each area to be treated is done by drawing a layout of the grid to be followed within the surgical procedure (see typical grid patterns below).

The Gold Thread™ 24K Gold Thread 5-0 is implanted perpendicular to the lines of depression of the face and the neck. The procedure is nearly painless and is usually done without local anesthesia; however, anesthesia may be used at the surgeon or patient preference. The thread is placed in the Papillary Dermis to achieve maximum effect and to avoid major blood vessels and nerves.

Our technique

Our technology

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